Reimagining Indigenous Housing, Health and Wealth

Reimagining Indigenous Housing, Health and Wealth: The Necessary Ecological Response to Unlock the Potential in the Indigenous Estate – proposes an ecological approach to realising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’ aspirations for a high standard of health and housing, and of personal and collective wealth.


Shelter WA received a grant from the Australian Government Department of Health to undertake a review of Indigenous housing policy and programs, reviewing the intersection of housing and health policy, and to provide information on the policy changes required to deliver better housing and health outcomes. Shelter WA and National Shelter appointed PwC’s Indigenous Consulting Pty Limited

A governance group was created in partnership with National Shelter and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Association to oversee this project. PWC’s Indigenous Consulting in partnership with Karabena Consulting were contracted to undertake this work.

Implementing an Ecological Response

The three-part ecology supports a re-think as to what a dwelling or an Indigenous community actually is. While it is commonly accepted that contemporary Australian dwellings and communities should be connected to both a water and electricity supply, the report recommends that three further connections are also deemed non-negotiable when considering Indigenous dwellings or communities:

+ Connection to a wellbeing supply – family, kin, culture.
+ Connection to a health supply – health services, food, recreational facilities.
+ Connection to a wealth supply – Internet, employment, training, enterprise.


Shelter WA would like to acknowledge and to thank the Commonwealth and the Department of Health for their support of this project along with all the project participants for sharing their knowledge and insights.

Read the report here. Read the summary here.