Community Sector Update – COVID-19 Response

The State Government has announced a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for a majority of occupations and workforces in WA.

This will impact on homelessness services and housing providers and has been brought in to protect WA and safeguard essential services and businesses for the long-term.

Vaccination Requirements

The policy expands on mandatory vaccination requirements already in place for staff doing important work in high-risk locations and activities including hotel quarantine, ports and residential aged care, as well as many emergency, police and health staff.

The policy will be introduced in a phased approach that involves two new groups – one that must be fully vaccinated by Friday, 31 December 2021, and a second that must be fully vaccinated by Monday, 31 January 2022. A third worker group who must be fully vaccinated to attend work in the event of a lockdown or similar restrictions.

Additional updates to the sector will be provided as information becomes available.

More details and a full list of industries are available on