Building Back Better

Shelter WA, in partnership with National Shelter and members of the Shelter network are pleased to be supporting research by the UNSW City Futures to document and critically examine rapid policy changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recession.

This research will look at Housing security and evictions; Housing and income support payments; and Homelessness. It will also identify policies for building back better after the crisis. The project, which will involve a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods will run in parallel with a UK research study led by the Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence at Glasgow University, using similar qualitative research methods and instruments, along with a higher-level review of equivalent policy change in six other countries. 

Period of Radical Change

The research will produce new, internationally-informed knowledge about housing and homelessness policy innovations in a period of radical change, and identify policy options for ‘building back better’ in the post-pandemic phase. An interim report oriented to crisis responses to pandemic and recession is expected by October with a final report oriented to post-crisis transition, enduring policy changes and economic recovery due in May 2021.

Further information on this project can be found here.