Community Sector Update – COVID-19 Response

As Western Australia has reverted to pre-lockdown conditions, the Department of Communities’ messages to the sector will now cease.

Messages will be reactivated if there is a significant change in circumstances regarding COVID-19.

Remain Vigilant

Sector partners are encouraged to remain vigilant and adhere to the current restriction measures in place to ensure their own safety and wellbeing, as well as that of the individuals and families that depend on services.

The Department of Communities will continue working ‘on-the-ground’ with the sector, returning to business as usual.

Again, thank you to all our partners and funded services for your understanding and support during the COVID-19 lockdown and transition period, as well as your perseverance and continued passion to service the community.


For any questions, or to provide comment or feedback to the Department regarding our interactions and information sharing since 1 February 2021, please email the Sector Support Team at

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This message, along with previous sector updates, can be found on the Department of Communities website at Community Sector Partnerships (COVID-19) | Department of Communities (