ACHO Capacity Building Project – SAC Visit

In November our collaborative project team building the capacity of the four Aboriginal Community Housing Organisations (ACHO’s) who are members of Shelter WA met in Albany with representatives from Southern Aboriginal Corporation (SAC).

SAC serves the Noongar community in the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia. It provides effective representation and resource delivery for First Nations people on issues of health, housing, recreation, education and training.

Shelter WA was awarded a COVID-19 Grant by Lotterywest to deliver the project and work alongside CEO’s from SAC, Noongar Mia Mia, Goldfields Indigenous Housing Organisation, and Murchison Region Aboriginal Corporation.

Shelter WA’s ACHO Capacity Building Project Manager, Paula O’Leary said the visits were crucial to understanding the capacity gaps of the ACHO sector in WA and with the individual four organisations, and the strengths of each organisation that can be shared and built on during this project.

“In the case of SAC it was fantastic to see the huge variety of services they provide in the Great Southern across housing, family and domestic violence, heath promotion, conservation rangers and suicide prevention,” Paula said.

“They holistically support people in Albany and the surrounding region delivering great outcomes that change lives.”