Vaccinations to vulnerable populations

The WA Primary Health Alliance has been given some additional Federal government funding to support access to COVID-19 primary course and booster vaccinations to Vulnerable Populations (VP).

The Funding

With this round of funding, we have been directed to focus on the following vulnerable populations and we are looking to engage with organisations that work with;

  • Homeless / street present
  • Those who do not have a Medicare card or who are ineligible for Medicare
  • Culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse
  • Asylum seekers & refugees

The WA Primary Health Alliance can provide small amounts of funding to organisations who are able to help work with vulnerable people to get vaccinated. This may include activities including;

  • Pre-engagement activities such as talking / yarning about vaccination including providing information and support for people with concerns.
  • Transport / travel costs associated with assisting people to attend vaccine clinics (including state-run clinics, pop-ups, GPs, GP Respiratory Clinics or pharmacy).
  • Costed associated with hosting a pop-up clinic including promotion, catering, small asset purchases (<$500).
  • Staffing support including administration, clinical staff and other staff involved in engagement activities focused on vaccination.


The guidelines are flexible enough that the WA Primary Health Alliance would welcome a discussion with any service providers that are focused on supporting this target group before any submissions are received. They will also discuss the application process and reporting that would be required from any successful organisations.

As targeted activities can occur from now up to end June 2022 they are looking to keep processes simple, using an invoicing process and requirements for reports back from organisations will be minimal (numbers engaged, vaccinated, good news stories).

Funding Activities

Please note, the WA Primary Health Alliance are unable to fund activities not related to vaccination and there must be no duplication of activities already provided or funded in line with DoHWA and DoH guidelines. They are also unable to provide funding for activities / items that incentivise vaccination such as vouchers (or cash equivalents) or that are focused on post-vaccination support (such as accommodation post-vaccination).

Please contact the Vulnerable Populations Vaccination team at to set up a discussion.