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Energy Efficiency Rental Requirements

Development of the Blueprint had been a collaborative effort tenancy, welfare and climate organisations across Australia have been proud to work together on.

Ministers agree to increased energy efficiency and accessibility standards

The upgrade to accessibility standards is also overdue, with the changes, including a step-free entry and shower, ensuring homes will continue to meet the needs of residents throughout their lives.

Lift energy standards for new homes in 2022

It is time for Australian governments to catch up and do what’s best in the long-term interest of people by lifting the energy standards of new homes in the NationalConstruction Code.

Australian Affordable Housing E-Scan

Australia’s ageing housing stock offers a multitude of benefits that will supercharge the emissions reduction.

Strong economic benefits from energy efficiency retrofits for low-income homes

The Deloitte report provides further evidence of the economic benefits of energy efficiency retrofit programs.

Low emissions funding announced, but what’s for homes?

This announcement highlights another missed opportunity by the Federal Government to provide economic stimulus and drive job creation through an energy efficiency upgrading of social housing and community organisations nation-wide.

Energy Efficient Homes for Low-Income Earners

This proposal urges all levels of Government to shift from assisting high income earners renovating and building new houses to supporting low-income earners to achieve more liveable, energy efficient homes.

COVID-19 reveals true liveability of our homes and neighbourhoods

With more Australians spending more time within their homes, the design, layout and thermal comfort of their homes have become increasingly noticeable and relevant.

WA Government must not delay on Home Energy Improvements

Consumer, community and industry groups have called on the Western Australian government to reconsider its decision to delay the enforcement of key changes to construction provisions on energy efficiency.

Covid-19: An Energy Efficiency Crisis

Concerns raised about the impact of turning off taps in parks and reserves.

RenewWA Climate Action

Shelter WA has joined an alliance of Western Australian community organisations who are demanding an immediate reduction in carbon emissions and increased investment in non-polluting, job-creating industries and carbon offsetting in the state.

Energy Efficient Homes

Shelter WA is urging energy ministers across Australia to improve the energy efficiency on existing homes.