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More protection for tenants in residential parks

These changes impact a number of areas ranging from the disclosure requirements that apply before a long-stay tenancy can start to how you can end a tenancy.

Tenancy Resource Kit

It will become the latest resource of Legal Aid WA’s highly successful Blurred Borders project.

Rental Moratorium Roundtable Report

An ecological approach to realising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’ aspirations for a high standard of health and housing, and of personal and collective wealth.

Changes to National Construction Code accessibility standards welcome news

It is disappointing that the WA Minister, along with the Ministers from, NSW and SA did not support this change.

Rental Roundtable

Shelter WA, in partnership with the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, hosted an Emergency Roundtable to discuss the impact of the ending of the moratorium on people in the private rental market.