Premises Standards Review 2021

The federal government has released the findings of its second review of the legislation which ensures Australians living with disability have equal and dignified access to public premises, including apartment buildings.

The second Statutory Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards) Review (2021) has confirmed that Australians living with disability are now finding it easier to access public buildings that were built after the Premises Standards were introduced in 2010..


The review process involved consulting with a total of 579 participants including:

  • stakeholders across the disability sector
  • building professionals
  • employers
  • people in all levels of government.

The key issues raised in the consultation process were:

  • inconsistent requirements for signage and luminance contrast
  • a lack of information on emerging wayfinding solutions
  • a lack of accessible carparks and automatic doors
  • a need to increase the size of openings and thoroughfares for easier access.

Improving Guidelines

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources have identified several opportunities for reform including improving guidance for building professionals to meet the standards and increasing consistency of standards across jurisdictions.

In the WA context, timely implementation of the updated National Construction Code (NCC) standards (due in September 2022) will further improve the consistency of accessibility standards for residential developments.


Further information about the 2021 Premises Standards Review can be found here.