National Affordable Housing Alliance

The National Affordable Housing Alliance (NHHA) formally launched the document outlining proposals for expanding social and affordable housing supply.


The Alliance is comprised of National Shelter; Community Housing Industry Association; Australian Council of Trade Unions; Australian Council of Social Service; Industry Super Australia; Homelessness Australia; Housing Industry Association; Master Builders Australia; and the Property Council of Australia.

Alliance members have been meeting with Ministers, the opposition and key crossbenchers and other key stakeholders to put social and affordable housing firmly on the Federal pre-election agenda.


NAHA’s members are advocating for the implementation of four initial core policies:

  • Implementing a Housing Capital Aggregator supported by refundable Affordable Housing Tax Offsets to incentivise and crowd in institutional investment in new social and affordable housing supply.
  • Establishing a Social and Affordable Housing Future Fund with an initial $20 billion in funds under management to close the social and affordable housing funding gap.
  • Activating Affordable Build-to-Rent housing as a vehicle to deliver additional social and affordable housing.
  • Enhancing state and territory-based planning and development contributions legislation to prioritise up to one percent of infrastructure contributions and levies to be aggregated and channelled into social and affordable housing provision consistent with state and territory housing policies across Australia.

Integrated Database

In parallel with these policies, NAHA is also seeking a commitment to the development of an integrated database that tracks the delivery of social and affordable housing delivery at a national and regional level to ensure that capital is deployed where need is greatest. The media release accompanying the launch is here.

Policy Options Report

NAHA published its first report ‘Increasing the supply of social and affordable housing at scale and in perpetuity: Policy options’ on Thursday, 27 January 2022. Read it here.

Shelter WA will continue to work in partnership with National Shelter and the Community Housing Industry Association to progress this agenda.