Infrastructure Priority List 2020

Social and affordable housing needs more prominence on list

Infrastructure Australia has launched the Infrastructure Priority List for 2020, a guide to the priority infrastructure investments they believe Australia needs to secure a sustainable and prosperous future. The Priority List was developed in collaboration with industry and governments at all levels.

More than 200 submissions guided the list

The Priority List is developed by using data from the Australian Infrastructure Audit and submissions from state and territory governments, industry and the community.

This included more than 200 submissions in the last 12 months. Shelter WA was pleased to work with National Shelter and the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) to provide a submission on social housing as infrastructure, and the critical need for planning and investment in social housing supply.

Housing in remote areas a high priority

This year’s priority list includes relieving overcrossing and improving quality in housing for people in remote areas as a high priority initiative. Whilst this is a fantastic and much needed initiative, it is disappointing that social and affordable housing did not receive more prominence in this year’s list.

Infrastructure Australia publish a printed edition of the Infrastructure Priority List complete with project summaries once a year, but new projects are added to the Priority List throughout the year, as the Infrastructure Australia Board receives and assesses business cases. Infrastructure Australia accepts submissions to the Priority List at any time.

For the most up-to-date version of the Priority List, visit the interactive map on the Infrastructure Australia website. The online map sets out a detailed view of infrastructure problems and opportunities identified around the country.