Fleetwood Building Solutions

Fleetwood is Australia’s largest owned and operated modular building solutions provider. They use offsite manufacturing to construct high quality, customised built environments for all Australians.

Headquartered in Perth, Fleetwood has partnered with government and community-based organisations to deliver high quality affordable housing for people on low-incomes including the WA Department of Finance, YMCA, The Gumala Aboriginal Corporation, Government of Western Australia Housing Authority, Royalties for Regions and Building and Asset Services QLD.

Watch the modules being built.

The modules include the same fixtures and finishes that you see in traditionally built homes. Once fitted out with cabinets, tiling, kitchens and bathrooms, the modules are transported to a land prepared site. Within a few days or weeks, the modules are swiftly assembled on site and services like electricity and gas are connected.

Watch this video of Osprey Village delivered in Port Hedland.

Modular housing is now at the forefront of affordable housing developments across Australia. And with Fleetwood manufacturing modular accommodation since 1987 their long serving experience and reputation has made them a preferred supplier of modular solutions to the affordable and village housing sectors throughout Australia.

Homelessness Week | #HW2021

Shelter WA and the WA Alliance to End Homelessness thank Fleetwood Australia for sponsoring Homelessness Week 2021. View a list of events here.