Fleetwood Challenge Cup

Shelter WA was pleased to be invited to the Fleetwood Challenge Cup 2021 awards ceremony at Beaumonde on the Point.

The 2021 Inter-University design competition challenged architectural, engineering and construction management (AEC) student teams to address the global issue of adaptive reuse by making use of the glut of empty buildings left in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, using a modern prefabricated solution.

Reuse Potential

Examining the reuse potential of commercial buildings has been of recent interest in the context of an ongoing affordable housing shortage in WA. While the state government has committed to building 3,300 social homes over the next four years, interim accommodation solutions are required while these are being constructed, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings may have some potential in contributing to the solution.

Curtin University’s Fremantle Springs

Teams were challenged to leverage the many benefits of offsite manufacturing and prefabrication techniques to retain, incorporate and extend buildings at a local site into a vibrant mixed-use development with retail and residential elements. More than 100 aspiring students from universities across Australia formed 26 collaborative, multidisciplinary teams to tackle the challenge. Over six months the students worked tirelessly to provide innovative responses addressing these fundamental issues facing the industry.

The submissions were assessed by an independent expert judging panel of cross disciplinary AEC professionals in a ‘blind judging’ process culminating in an awards ceremony. Three of the four finalist teams were from Curtin University in WA, including the winning design.

This was the second year of the Fleetwood Challenge. Next year’s brief will ask students to present a net zero carbon design.

Further Information

To view finalist designs from the Fleetwood Challenge click here.

[Top Photo:] ‘Think Tank’ from Deakin University.