Helping you to find people a place to call home

Australia’s housing challenge is everyone’s challenge, and the effects of COVID-19 have made it even more concerning. The number of people experiencing homelessness and the number of families who cannot afford to pay their regular bills are at worrying levels, so we’ve put housing affordability at the forefront.

At Beyond Bank we’re here for the community, and we support frontline housing affordability providers in local areas across Australia. It’s just one way we give back to those in need.

We understand the importance of fundraising for many not-for-profits and that government funding simply does not cover many of the essential services that these organisations provide.

To make your fundraising easier, we’ve developed the Community Reward Account program. Your supporters can open a special savings account to save their money and help you to fundraise at the same time.

Percentage Back

Each year, we check the number of accounts linked to your organisation and their average annual balances. Then we donate a percentage back to your organisation. The more your supporters save, the more we will reward your organisation. It doesn’t cost them a cent.

Over 300 causes and clubs receive an annual donation. In 2020 we donated over $640,000 to organisations just like yours. That’s a lot of extra fundraising, and we’d love to give back more!

You just need to rally the troops and encourage them to open a Community Reward Account. And to make that simple, we’ve got templates available for your newsletters and social media too. It really is the easiest fundraising your organisation will ever do.

More Information

Click here to find out more about the Community Reward Account program.

Homelessness Week | #HW2021

Shelter WA and the WA Alliance to End Homelessness thank Beyond Bank for sponsoring Homelessness Week 2021.