Energising the Housing Sector

A roundtable discussion event on the options for scaling-up energy solutions in the WA Community Housing Sector

Shelter WA hosted the Energising the Community Housing Sector event in collaboration with the Community Housing Industry Association WA, BOOMPower Pty Ltd, and Impact Investment Group.

This was a roundtable discussion event on the options for scaling-up energy solutions in the WA Community Housing Sector.

Landlords pay, but tenants receive the benefits

During the workshop, Michelle Mackenzie, CEO of Shelter WA, highlighted community housing as a key part of an effective housing system, and the need for the sector to focus on good housing choices and outcomes for tenants.

The key issue Australia faces when trying to provide energy-efficient solutions for tenants is the split incentive, where landlords pay for energy retrofits, but tenants receive the benefits.

Heading off the threat of climate change

With Western Australia experiencing significant increases in energy costs over the past decade and many people live in homes that are unhealthy across varying temperatures, and the threat of temperate rises as a result of climate change, it is now more important than ever to devise solutions for retrofitting energy-efficient solutions to community housing.

Participants at the roundtable

Alex Houlston, Director of BOOMPower, discussed the work BOOM! in partnership with Community Housing Industry Association Victoria have been doing and cases of completed projects that provided successful energy-efficient retrofits onto community houses. While, Jeremy Burke Head of Product and Strategy at Impact Investment Group, presented on the potential business models and financing options community housing providers could explore.

After discussions and a collaboration of ideas to end the workshop, it was clear that there is a keen interest to create a group that will continue discussions in the space.

With a focus on housing affordability and reducing living costs for tenants, Shelter WA hopes from these discussions to continue to drive improved outcomes for tenants and the community sector through solutions which will reduce electricity costs for tenants within community housing.

[L-R] Sam Tidswell, Investment Associate at Small Giants/IIG; Alex Houlston, Director of BOOM!; Amanda Goodman, Head of Syndication & Director, Giant Leap at IIG; Jeremy Burke, Head of Product Strategy at IIG.