Developing CHP’s

Nineteen community housing providers from across Western Australia gathered at The Platform on Tuesday, 2 March to discuss development of the community housing sector and its position as a critical service delivery partner in the housing system.

Hosted by Shelter WA, the WA Community Housing – Next Steps in Industry Positioning and Advocacy Workshop was facilitated by Joel Levin from Aha! Consulting and designed by Dr Reece Plunkett, Shelter WA’s new Head of Policy, Advocacy and Sector Development.

Social Housing

Workshop participants called for renewed transfer of public housing to the community housing sector, in recognition of the sector’s capacity to create additional supply while providing high quality service delivery. Unlike other Australian jurisdictions, Western Australia has not significantly progressed a transfer agenda in recent years, foregoing the wider economic and tenancy benefits of a more robust sector. Providers identified other barriers to growth, strategic and operational reform priorities and longer term sector positioning and advocacy strategies in the two hour session.

Shelter WA will continue to engage with members and the broader CHP sector to identify issues, barriers and solutions, and lead development of broader strategies to grow and reposition the sector.