Housing Options Launch

From Tuesday 28 September, the Department of Communities is introducing a simpler and easier way to provide information to clients on their range of housing options.

Housing Options is a personalised assessment that informs clients of the most suitable housing assistance products they may be eligible for, based on their current housing circumstances. This includes the options of public housing, community housing, affordable community housing, bond assistance loans, private rental Aboriginal assistance loans and Keystart.

How Does it Work?

The Housing Options Assessment will be delivered as a frontline service and is completed by clients via a form at any of these Housing offices.

It will consider eligibility criteria common across all housing products, such as: household structure, income, assets, residency status, any disabilities in the household, desired location and any risks or barriers the household might be experiencing in their current housing.

After the client has completed the assessment, they will receive a Housing Options advice letter informing them of products they are potentially eligible for based on the information they have provided. The letter will also inform the client of the affordability, availability and description of those products. The client can then assess which products best suit their needs and decide on what product they want to apply for.

This is a significant change to how clients have traditionally applied for housing products and services, but staff will assist clients with the transition to the new service model.

What are the benefits?

Housing Options will:
• Improve the service and streamline the client application process, reducing the need for the clients to provide the same information multiple times.
• Provide clients with better, upfront information about housing products and the affordability and availability of those products.
• Empower clients to make informed decisions on what products to apply for.
• Help to identify clients most in need of priority housing assistance.
• Improve the collection of information to develop more targeted products and services to assist clients in the future.

What impact will this have on your organisation?

Housing Options is primarily a client facing change for public housing. As such the changes should have minimal impact on service providers and Community Housing Providers.

Further Information

Further information about our range of housing options is also available at this website page.