Community Titles

Landgate is developing a series of resources to support industry and the community in understanding and registering Community Titles.

Community Titles are a new form of land tenure in Western Australia. It is anticipated they will facilitate innovation in the design and delivery of mixed-use developments. As part of this process they are seeking feedback on a number of supporting guidelines. The draft forms and guides out for consultation now are available on the Landgate through this website, with feedback closing on Tuesday, 23 March include:

  • Application to register a community development statement or amendment
  • Application to register a community titles scheme
  • Community titles scheme by-laws
  • Notice to type 1 and 2 interest holders for consent to subdivision and schedule of unit entitlements
  • Precontractual disclosure statement to the buyer
  • Schedule of unit entitlements
  • Scheme notice

To assist with the implementation of the Community Titles Act 2018 and Regulations, the Western Australian Planning Commission has approved the advertising of a draft operational policy and accompanying guidelines which are now open for public comment. The draft policy aims to provide guidance on what will be considered when assessing a community development statement, and subdivision and development at various stages of a community scheme.

The Draft Operational Policy 1.11 – Community Schemes and draft Community Schemes Guidelines can be found at this link.

Feedback closes on Tuesday, 27 April.