Strata Law Reform

The changes represent the most important updates to our strata framework in more than 20 years

The State Government has announced changes to Western Australia’s strata law to better support the thousands of Western Australians who own, live in or want to buy strata properties.

The changes will be introduced on May 1, 2020.

The WA Parliament passed amendments to the Strata Titles Act 1985 in 2018 to modernise how strata is run and managed and deliver a better strata framework for the future.

Some of the main changes include;

  • Strata buyers to receive more information about the property they are looking to buy – upfront, before signing a contract of sale.
  • Strata disputes will have a more cost-effective and efficient dispute resolution forum.
  • Scheme termination relates to the collective sale or redevelopment of strata schemes.
  • Strata schemes will benefit from better by-laws, modernised scheme management, statutory duties for strata managers and in some instances, the introduction of a 10-year maintenance plan and reserve fund.
  • Introducing a new form of land ownership in WA. A leasehold strata title is a built strata or survey-strata scheme with a fixed term of between 20 and 99 years.
Shelter WA Landgate Presentation.

Shelter WA has supported the reforms since the process began in May 2017 but wanted to ensure that the termination of schemes was done in a fair and equitable manner. We advocated for the concept of introducing adequate safeguards for the termination of schemes, including a transparent process, safeguard for owners and a full procedural and fairness review by the State Administrative Tribunal.

Shelter WA worked with Landgate and provided feedback on the reforms through a key stakeholder briefing and has compiled several submissions relating to strata. These are;

Read the Landgate What’s Changing document here.