Community Sector Update – COVID-19 Response

The Department of Communities will endeavour to keep service providers updated with relevant information over the course of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Please read these key updates.

Wooroloo and Hills Fire

  • As of mid-day yesterday (3 February), counsellors were on site at evacuation centres offering support to individuals and families.
  • The Department of Communities is working to ensure Centrelink assistance is available to evacuees.
  • Disaster response line: If individuals have been affected by the fire, welfare support assistance may be available via the Department of Communities 24-hour Disaster Response Hotline on 1800 032 965.

Service providers are encouraged to share hotline details on their web and social media channels.

Service providers are encouraged to share hotline details on their web and social media channels.

Stay at Home Directions

  • Stay at Home Directions (No 3) are now in effect

  • Changes include:
  1. Clarifying that only urgent procedures and surgical treatments undertaken by a dental practitioner is an “essential health service”.
  2. Adds “click and deliver services” to the list of essential providers.
  3. Clarifying that a person who performs work that is essential for the continued operation of commercial operations that supply goods and services necessary to support the export of goods and service from WA are “essential workers”; and
  • Adding the following to the list of essential workers:
  1. forestry
  2. manufacturing, fabrication or assembly of goods and materials necessary for or related to supporting defence or security industries
  3. members of the Commonwealth parliament and
  4. staff members of federal and State parliamentarians


  • Access to masks for locations on the borders of the lockdown zone:

The Departments of Finance and the Premier and Cabinet have indicated that the current process for mask distribution does not include provision outside of the current lockdown areas. Organisations outside of the lockdown area can procure masks through normal procurement lines. 

  • Access to masks for organisations not funded by State or Commonwealth:

The Department of Health advised the following: Advice on how to access PPE for Primary Care Providers (including GPs, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations, Community Pharmacies and Allied Heath), visit Advice on how to access Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (

PPE can be requested (from Primary Care Providers) via WA Primary Health Alliance at COVID-19 – PracticeAssist (

Private providers are responsible for their own supply.

  • Resources provided by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet:

Resources regarding mask use can be found here. These can be used and distributed to your stakeholders.

Financial Support

Information and resources to assist individuals experiencing financial hardship can be found at WACOSS | Financial Hardship Resources.

Service providers are encouraged to promote the resources on their web and social media pages.

Funding for Service Providers

In March 2020, the Department of Finance issued advice to government agencies and service providers that until 30 June 2021, service providers that remained in operation would not have payments withheld for failure to deliver services due to COVID-19.

This advice remains in place in relation to the current COVID-19 lockdown. Service providers are urged to notify their contract manager as soon as they become aware of disruptions to service provision due to COVID-19. Contract managers can then record it as a Force Majeure event and work with the service provider to maintain continuity of critical services as much as is practicable.

The State Government recognises the unique pressure that service providers are likely to be placed under during the lockdown and appreciates the dedicated efforts of organisations to deliver critical services to the most vulnerable members of the WA community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rough Sleepers

Communities is developing a plan to accommodate rough sleepers if directed to by the State Health Incident Coordination Centre.

Traveling Across Regions in WA – G2G Pass

Due to the current lockdown in Perth, Peel and the South West, the Government has advised that people should not leave or travel between, or into these regions except for specific reasons.

The G2G Pass system is now activated to process applications to enable such approved travel across regions. Staff that need to travel across regions for the above reasons should submit a travel declaration via

Please make sure you carry your identification and justification of your travel – whether it be an email from your boss or appointment letter from your doctor – at all times.

Stay up to date with the latest government advice via and

Sector update messages are also available on the Department of Communities website at Community Sector Partnerships (COVID-19) | Department of Communities (