Regional roundtable on ending homelessness

The RRR Network will prepare a short report about the Roundtable and its discussion and share with the RRR Network community and other interested stakeholders.

Peaks Forum Capacity-Building Grant

Since 2017, the Peaks Support Project has administered $600,000 to 32 organisations for either capacity-building or COVID-19 responses.

Shelter WA AGM 2022

An election was not held due to the immediate resignation of a board member after the voting process began. This had implications for the election where we originally had seven nominations for six vacancies.

Inside Housing – Shelter WA Newsletter. 31 October 2022

The fortnightly E Newsletter from Shelter WA – Inside Housing.

Community Services Bulletin

The Outcomes Measurement Framework is not being applied to existing service agreements except where service providers are keen to have it integrated.

A farewell to Michelle Mackenzie

There have been many examples of Michelle’s fearless work but my favourite is “that tweet”.

International Snapshot – Dublin Simon Community

The service ensures that people experiencing rough sleeping are linked with other appropriate housing and health services to prevent further rough sleeping.

Minister meets new Shelter WA CEO

Chair of Shelter WA Kieran Wong; Secretary Justine Colyer and Chair Governance, Audit and Risk Committee Natalie Sangalli also met with the Minister.

DoC commercial and contract model review

If you wish to participate in the review, please provide contact details for a representative from your organisation.

Foundation Housing completes SDA homes

Award-winning artist Sioux Tempestt created a design that represents local flora, fauna, community and growth.

National Housing Accord lays the foundations for future housing stability

Housing is critical to the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and a wellbeing budget must have housing as one of its central elements.

Shelter WA thanks Michelle Mackenzie, welcomes new CEO Kath Snell

Since 2018 when Michelle first commenced as CEO, we have grown from six to twenty staff.

Shelter WA in Broome

Goldfields-Esperance is the largest region in WA, covering just under a third of the state. The challenge of servicing a vast region is a common theme amongst local organisations, the message being that the tyranny of distance brings a real cost to effective service delivery.

Industry update: Mandatory COVID-19 isolation removed

All Western Australians should test for COVID-19 if experiencing any symptoms and stay home until they have recovered.

Inside Housing – Shelter WA Newsletter. 14 October 2022

The fortnightly E Newsletter from Shelter WA – Inside Housing.

Productivity Commission Report: NHHA Review

The Productivity Commission drew on and cited data and information 25 times throughout the report.