Building Tenancy Skills Co-Design Team

The Building Tenancy Skills Co-Design Team met together for the first time on Wednesday, 8 December.

Every member of the Co-Design Team brings with them their diverse lived experience of disability and different rental situations. The group are identifying solutions to the common issues that impact people with disability when they are renting.


Common issues they identified included: communication challenges between property managers, landlords and tenants; not being sure of the rules around the tenancy agreement; financial constraints which sometimes meant not being able to pay the rent on time; difficulties in maintaining gardens and doing home maintenance tasks; discrimination, stigma and a lack of understanding about the impact of disability.

The Team will be co-designing a range of solutions to these problems over the coming months. In between their monthly meetings, they will meet with service providers and other people with disability, to design and build resources and training tools. The Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA) is providing research and evaluation support to the Co-Design Team and will be sharing some examples of good practice in tenancy support.

Next Meeting

The next Co-Design Team meeting will be on Wednesday, 19 January 2022. Shelter WA and People with Disabilities WA Inc. are pleased to be managing the Building Tenancy Skills Project funded by the Department of Social Services. For further information about the Building Tenancy Skills project click here.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. 

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