A Western Australia for Everyone: State Disability Strategy 2020-2030

Housing is recognised as a basic human right and a foundation of living well for all people in the community.

People with disability still experience barriers to safe and accessible housing options in WA.

Accessible Social Housing

The consultation process for the State Disability Strategy highlighted a lack of accessible housing options across public and private markets as barriers to living well for people with a disability. A solution can be achieved through investment in additional accessible social housing; using education and regulation to ensure houses are built with universal design principles; and working with industry to drive the creation of more accessible housing options across the community.

This Strategy is supported by an Action Plan which outlines specific actions to be implemented to achieve the objectives of the Strategy. Broad stakeholder consultation encompassing community and business sectors will occur during the first twelve months of the initial Action Plan to ensure that a range of ideas and voices provide further guidance.

A digital copy of the Action Plan will be available soon.

The Strategy can be found here. Shelter WA looks forward to working with other peaks and across the sector to support the goals of the Strategy.