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AIHW – National Social Housing Survey 2021

Tenant satisfaction with overall services provided by their housing organisation refers to whether tenants are generally happy with the services they received.

Precarious housing and wellbeing: a multi-dimensional investigation

Singles, households with no children, low-income households, private renters and residents of major cities have lower wellbeing when precariously housed compared to when they are not precariously housed.

Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage 2020

The Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage report measures the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

AIHW – People in short-term or emergency accommodation: a profile of Specialist Homelessness Services clients

In 2018 most tenants in social housing were satisfied with services from their housing provider. Nearly all tenants cited feeling more settled and being able to manage their rent better as benefits of living in social housing. Australia-wide, satisfaction is high (3 in 4 tenants are satisfied), but there are differences between housing programs and […]