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Private sector involvement in social and affordable housing

To meet the forecast demand, it is clear ‘hybridity’ of the housing system is essential.

Housing Taxation in OECD countries

The report notes young people are being locked out of a housing market dominated by richer, older men.

Stamping out Stamp Duty – WA’s case for change

CCIWA’s ‘Stamping out stamp duty’ report builds upon widespread expert support, by the Henry Tax Review, ACOSS, St Vincent de Paul, UDIA, the OECD, the IMF and the Productivity Commission.

The case for stamp duty reform in WA

The report makes the case for the abolition of stamp duty on property transfers, and the introduction of a fairer, broad-based replacement tax on the property’s Gross Rental Value.

AHURI – Moving, downsizing and housing equity consumption choices of older Australians

This study analyses current geographic mobility and downsizing behaviours among Australians aged over 55, and considers the barriers to, and consequences of downsizing. Retired Australians tend to retain high levels of housing wealth (rising to 49% of assets for homeowners aged 75+) and most choose not to downsize, either by moving to a smaller dwelling […]