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State of Play Report

A documentation of the experiences of LGBTIQA+ young people within the homelessness system.

Specialist homelessness services annual report 2020-21

In 2020–21, SHS agencies provided support to almost 278,300 clients who each had a variety of different needs and reasons for seeking support.

COVID-19 rental housing and homelessness impacts in Australia

New research by the ACOSS/UNSW Poverty and Inequality Partnership shows renters on low and modest incomes are in the grip of a housing pincer, especially in regional Australia, as surging rents and the Commonwealth’s neglect of social and affordable housing creates acute stress.

Estimating the population at-risk of homelessness in small areas

The estimated rate of risk per 10,000 persons for all Australia ranges between 846.9 per 10,000 for SA3 analysis (8.5% of the total population aged 15 years and over) and 1,165 per 10,000 (11.7%) for analysis derived from HILDA.

Homelessness Data (AIHW)

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) have just released their 2019 – 2020 Specialist Homelessness Services annual report and is accompanied by updated Specialist Homelessness Services Collection Data Cubes with information on clients assisted in states and territories. 

Inquiry into Homelessness

Shelter WA and the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (WAAEH) are preparing a joint submission for the Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia.