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AIHW Specialist homelessness services 2019-20: WA Factsheet

1 in 3 (31 per cent) who were homeless were assisted into housing.

Nowhere To Go

Stable housing is critical for women to build a safe life, as it promotes both safety and wellbeing, including for children.

Supporting Women and Children Experiencing Family and Domestic Violence:

Family and domestic violence is prevalent in our community and is a national emergency. It requires a multi-dimensional approach and significant investment to prevent the issue and address thelong-term harm and implications of the experiences. The Centre for Social Impact at The University of Western Australia (CSI UWA) was engaged by Zonta House Refuge Association […]

FDV and Community Services Sector Grants

The Department of Communities is undertaking an Expression of Interest (EOI) grant process to allocate available funding to the family and domestic violence and community services sector

Specialist homelessness services annual report

The specialist homelessness services web report is an annual report summarising data from the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection (SHSC).

FDV Toolkit

This toolkit is to help educate and provide needed information about the reform to tenancy legislation regarding Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) to community housing providers in Western Australia.