Medium Density Code

The McGowan Government has just released a draft Medium Density Code (amendments to Residential Design Codes Volume 1) for public comment. 

The new code will focus on well-located, well-designed medium density development, that will provide greater diversity of housing choice for Western Australians in METRONET precincts, new suburbs and inner-city areas. 

As part of the State Government’s Design WA initiative, the new planning policy applies to residential buildings up to four storeys high, encouraging a wider range of housing types from semi-detached houses, villas and townhouses through to terrace homes and low-rise apartments. 

The draft code will consider how home design can improve liveability, and how residential developments can contribute to the creation of authentic and vibrant communities. 

The draft code will focus on the following key elements: 

  • Design of the site; 
  • Wind and sun; 
  • Connection of the home with the garden; 
  • Creation of functional indoor and outdoor spaces; 
  • ‘Neighbourliness’ – how a dwelling responds to and fits within its surrounding area. 

Shelter WA welcomes the new draft Medium Density Code as more and diverse housing options are needed, not only to accommodate Perth’s growing and changing population, but also to provide affordable housing options for the most vulnerable people within our community. 

A copy of the code, and more information and details of how you can have your say are online at: 

Consultation is open until April 16,2021.