Infrastructure Roadmap

Infrastructure Australia (IA) is developing its next infrastructure roadmap and is keen to hear about possible policy directions and reforms.

The process includes seeking data and case studies to inform the case for reform and to highlight best practice amongst infrastructure owners and operators. 

Policy and Reform Solutions

The Australian Infrastructure Plan 2021 sets out IA’s advice on policy and reform (non-build) solutions to improve user and community access to quality infrastructure services as identified in the Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019. The Audit is significant as – for the first time – it includes social infrastructure and looks at the major challenges and opportunities facing Australia’s infrastructure over the next 15 years and beyond. The audit describes social infrastructure as “facilities, spaces, services and networks that support the quality of life and wellbeing of our communities. Social infrastructure includes social housing.

Economic and Social Benefits of Housing

This signals a significant and important shift acknowledging the social and economic challenges and opportunities facing Australians. To realise the economic and social benefits of housing, a shift in thinking about housing is needed. Social and affordable housing must be considered by all spheres of government, industry and community as critical economic infrastructure. It can create and build communities and grows the economy, the way that roads, ports, telecommunications and rail does.

Shelter WA encourages agencies to get involved in the process to help frame the national infrastructure plan to include social housing. If you want want to help inform policy development work should email here. Infrastructure Australia will release the plan in early 2021.