Housing Authority Restructure

Shelter WA has written to the Premier to better understand the impact of the proposed changes

The Premier and Treasurer announced in November 2019 that a Steering Committee will be established to progress structural changes to the functions of the Housing Authority, in the Department of Communities.

Social housing and other non-commercial functions will remain with the department, while land development and related commercial functions will be merged with DevelopmentWA – the merged entity comprising of LandCorp and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

A major change to the business model

The restructure of the Housing Authority and changes to DevelopmentWA will take time and require legislative amendments, and will have a financial impact on the State Budget. This is a major shift to the business model which funds social housing in WA.

Shelter WA has written to the Premier and met with staff at the Departments of Communities and Premier and Cabinet to better understand the impact of the proposed changes. We will continue to prosecute the case for a policy framework and business model that delivers increased and sustained State investment into social housing and harnesses the strengths of the community housing sector. Shelter will continue to advocate for involvement and engagement with the community sector in the development of this model.