Housing and Assets Division

The new Director General at the Department of Communities Mike Rowe will create a new Housing and Assets Division set to begin in early July 2021.

The announcement was made via a message to each of the members of the Community Sector Partnership Team which Shelter WA is a part of.

New Division

“As part of this Division, I intend to appoint a new Deputy Director General Housing and Assets,” Mr Rowe said.

“This position will initially be filled for a three-month period by Mark Bryden, who is currently the General Manager of the Buildings and Contracts business unit at the Department of Finance.

“Mark is an exceptional leader who is currently responsible for a broad range of functions within the Department of Finance, including regional operations, commercial services, and building and technical services.

“Mark will commence in the role on Wednesday, 9 June and will be working closely with staff over the coming weeks to understand the current priorities and challenges, particularly in the Housing portfolio. Mark will be focused on establishing the new Division to deliver on State Government priorities. Mark will work closely with Ben Rooke and others in the Communities Leadership Team to bring existing functions into a consolidated division.

“Once prepared by Mark and the existing team, the details of the proposed new structure of the Housing and Assets Division will be made available to staff and the union and will include a consultation period, incorporating consideration of any feedback.”

Immediate Priority

“To achieve the immediate priority for establishing the Housing and Assets Division, it is anticipated that there will be changes, such as housing and other policy area functions,” Mr Rowe said.

“Today I met with the CPSU/CSA Branch Secretary to discuss the key principles and timelines for these changes.

“This functional realignment responds to urgent State Government and Ministerial priorities, and the need for greater visibility of functions, with particular focus on Housing. The changes will clarify reporting lines and team realignments.

“This new Division is proposed to bring together the functions of the existing Assets Division and the Housing Policy functions from other Divisions. Note, the Regional Managers and local client functions remain in Community Services as part of the regional teams.

“The new Division will draw on work of the Functional Review, as well as the Housing Process Review, which have identified housing functions across several Divisions.


“The creation of the new Division will ensure clear accountability for the delivery of housing outcomes for the State Government and will maximise the benefits for our clients and enable inclusive communities.

“I would like to acknowledge the leadership of Ben Rooke, and the work already undertaken by the existing Assets Division and the Housing Policy team. The changes will serve to strengthen and build upon what has been achieved.

“I appreciate that our Department has been through extensive change over recent years. I would like to assure you that these, and any future changes to structure, have been carefully considered, designed to meet the changing needs of the community and State Government, and will be undertaken with transparent consultation.

“I will provide further detail around the ongoing development of the Housing and Assets Division following Mark’s commencement, and I thank you for your support.”