Gold Star Project

Q Shelter is seeking expressions of interest from interested parties to identify financial products that will enable older women (55 years +) to access and afford safe, secure housing through shared-equity arrangements.

Gold Star Project

The Gold Star Project [Project] is funded by the Mercy Foundation and is co-sponsored by Q Shelter and Zonta.

This document outlines the requirements for submitting an Expressions of Interest (EOI). It invites relevant stakeholders from private, community and government entities to join a tightly focussed action lab to develop an innovative solution to the challenge of enabling older women to achieve home-ownership through shared-equity. This latter role is voluntary and time-limited. It is an exciting and engaged way to generate ideas that can advance to implementation.

This project is outcomes-focussed. We want to work with individuals or institutions with a clear line-of-sight to tangible solutions and high-impact results.

Further Information

You can seek further information from Emma Greenhalgh, Manager of Strategic Projects (Q Shelter) here or by calling (07) 3831 5900. Expressions of interest are due by COB Wednesday, 12 May 2021 to