Aboriginal Housing and Health – An innovation agenda

The project will review and analyse the intersection of health and housing policy

In partnership with National Shelter and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Authority (NATSIHA), Shelter WA is leading an innovation agenda that brings together information on good housing and health policies and programs to deliver great housing outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Appropriate housing is central to improved health outcomes, but the link between the two, as with many other social and economic indicators, is often poorly understood or its importance is buried in the face of short term, siloed government policy across multiple levels and jurisdictions.

Participants at the workshop.

This project will review and analyse the intersection of health and housing policy based on the principles of culture and empowerment and a strength based approach with reference to:

• Culturally led housing design, construction and management;
• Availability, affordability and suitability across the housing continuum;
• Community initiatives along with Commonwealth, State, territory and international approaches; and
• The housing policy and program changes required to deliver positive health outcomes.

As a part of shaping the reports’ findings engagement activities are being conducted with stakeholders throughout Australia.

The focus moved to the immediate changes needed

Shelter WA brought together over thirty people to a workshop hosted by Shane Hamilton from PwC Indigenous Consulting, the organisation engaged to undertake this significant piece of work in partnership with Professor Kerry Arabena.

Participants were encouraged by Mr Hamilton to outline the immediate changes needed to ensure Aboriginal people had access to better housing options to drive a health agenda.

Later, participants then collaborated on what was necessary to achieve those outcomes for the longer term. The feedback will be included in the final report.

You can read more about the project here.