WA Jobs, Education and Training (WAJET) Survey

On behalf of the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD), Community Skills WA (CSWA) is undertaking the WA Jobs, Education and Training (WAJET) survey for 2022.

The aim of this survey is to understand the skill needs in Western Australia and the various pathways available to meet these skill needs. The WAJET survey will be used to inform the development of the State Priority Occupation List (SPOL), WA Skilled Migration List (WASMOL), Graduate Occupation List (GOL), Priority Industry Qualifications List (PIQL) and other training priorities for the State.

Funding Support

CSWA is aware of the challenges faced by many of our key stakeholders and continues to work with DTWD to advocate for funding, policy change and develop training solutions where appropriate. The information gathered via the WAJET will provide evidence to continue to advocate for funding to support training and workforce develop and other potential strategies to address critical skill shortages.

To identify the skill needs of industry, the WAJET Survey 2022 has been developed to seek your input on the following:

  • Industry opportunities and challenges from a workforce development perspective;
  • Education and training needs and experiences for your industry sectors;
  • Occupation advice in relation to labour supply and demand; and
  • Occupation advice from an education and training perspective.


Please help to advocate for and develop strategies to support workforce development across the Community Service Health and Education sectors in WA, by completing this survey.

Closing date is Monday 28th February 2022.

For more information, contact Fiona Andreas | Senior Industry Consultant via this email.