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Tenant Engagement Training

An online version of Tenant Engagement Training for Community Housing Providers will be held on Wednesday, 30 November 2022.

NHFIC: Social Bond Report 2021–22

NHFIC issues social and sustainable bonds to support its mandate of improving housing outcomes for Australians, with an emphasis on providing low-income and vulnerable Australians access to safe, stable and affordable housing.

Innovative partnerships to drive supply of social and affordable housing

This report highlights additional opportunities to build on this partnership enabling government funding to meet a greater proportion of unmet need.

Sisters of St John of God ACHO Funding

Shelter WA will continue to facilitate collaboration between the four providers and build on the established momentum to facilitate knowledge sharing and peer support.

Budget Briefing

Increased investment to spot purchase homes to increase social housing supply is very welcome.

NT’s first major Community Housing Growth Strategy

A smarter way of delivering social housing in the Northern Territory.


It is clear across jurisdictions both terms may continue to be used interchangeably however Shelter WA has made the decide to align with the CHIA National position and adopt the term ‘CHO’.

Research into funding of homelessness services

The Centre for Social Impact UWA has been awarded this work and the project is being overseen by a small advisory group of services providers.

Parity Launch

With its stunning front page artwork from First Nations artist Nerolie Bynder this edition of Parity is a must have for anyone who wants an understanding of work being done in Western Australia to end homelessness.

Regulatory Advisory Group

Shelter WA attends these meetings to encourage alignment between the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) and our regulatory system.

Waterwise public housing project expansion welcomed as win-win-win

During the pilot program, nearly 1,000 water audits were carried out at high water use public housing properties, with 620 receiving leak repairs and 735 receiving water efficient fixtures.

NHFIC Statutory Review

Recommendations include that consideration be given to increasing the maximum size of individual grants available under the Capacity Building Program to $75,000.

Community Housing Roundtable

The Minister signalled his intent to leverage Community Housing Providers opportunities to drive new supply referencing the social housing investment fund and opportunities to access government land.

SHERP Grant Program enquiries

Clarifications has been provided for several enquiries received through the Department of Communities SHERP Grant mailbox.

Apply now to help the state’s most vulnerable

The Department’s $92.8 million Social Housing Economic Recovery Package Grants Program is now open, and providers of social housing are encouraged to apply.

Constellation Project releases mandatory inclusionary zoning framework

The WA Government currently has a minimum requirement of 12 per cent affordable housing on government-led projects in the Central Perth Redevelopment Area as outlined in the MRA Development Policy 9: Affordable and Diverse Housing.