Shelter WA Perception Survey

We would love your feedback on how we are doing to drive our vision that all people in WA have housing that enables them to thrive.

Every year we undertake a stakeholder survey to check in with our members and partners to see what we are doing well and how we can improve our policy and research, events, capacity building and communications.

We are keen to hear from everybody that we work with – our members and partners across the sector, government and industry – we would love to hear from anybody that we have engaged with through our work.

Your input will enable us to evaluate what’s working well and areas we can improve, so that our policy, research, engagement, sector development and advocacy efforts are targeted and support our members and those who share our vision.

This survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete and will close on Monday, 12 September 2022 at 4.00pm.

We look forward to your feedback. Start the survey here.

Michelle Mackenzie
CEO, Shelter WA