Library Connect Fremantle

St Patrick’s Community Support Centre in partnership with the City of Fremantle is pleased to announce a new project designed to connect people with support, without requiring them to approach traditional support services.

Library Integration

The Library Connect – Freo project will integrate a ‘floating’ St Pat’s support worker at Fremantle Library, to build connections with members of the community who may be in need of assistance, and offer information, advice and referrals to support services in an effective and responsive way with issues such as financial stress, housing, health and wellbeing.

Access to Information and Technology

The project will target people in the community in need, including vulnerable groups like older women and families, as well as people recently unemployed as a result of the pandemic. These members of the community are likely already using Fremantle Library, which provides a welcoming and safe atmosphere, is open for extended hours, and provides free access to information and technology.

In a quickly changing world, St Pat’s is committed to continuing to evolve its approach to service provision, to ensure they are reaching as many people who need help, as possible. Their co-design workshop took place in mid-July, with feedback from this process informing the project’s structure.