Telstra Top-up

Program available via Infoxchange’s SHIP, CIMS and SRS case management systems

An opportunity for clients of eligible homelessness services, emergency relief providers, family violence services or those experiencing natural disasters to access additional free Telstra mobile credit.

The program is available via Infoxchange’s SHIP, CIMS and SRS case management systems to housing and family or domestic violence service providers, as well as community organisations providing emergency relief to people affected by natural disasters such as the recent bushfires.

Any client of these eligible providers who is impacted by homelessness, family violence or natural disaster can access the free recharge, provided they are a Telstra pre-paid mobile phone customer.

Given the financial impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s most vulnerable people, Telstra have increased the recharge amount to $40 (previously $30) as of April 2020.

Which services are eligible to take part?

To access the program, services must be using Infoxchange’s SHIP, CIMS or SRS case management systems and be either:

  • A specialist housing service (SHS), or
  • A service whose primary work or purpose is assisting at least one of the following:
      • People who are or at risk of being homeless
      • People experiencing family or domestic violence
      • People in need of emergency relief as a result of natural disaster

How does it work?

Once an eligible service has been successfully set up to use the program, service providers can provide their clients with a free $40 recharge on their Telstra pre-paid mobile phone service by using Infoxchange’s SHIP, CIMS or SRS case management system.

Specific instructions on how to process the top-up will be provided once a service has opted in to the program.

How does my service or organisation take part?

If your service is eligible, you should have already received an invitation to opt in. If you haven’t received an invitation or you’re not sure, please get in touch.

Is there any cost to our organisation to be part of the program?

No. There is no charge to access the program for existing SHIP, CIMS or SRS users.

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