Talking to women about homelessness, Tasmania 2020

In July to October 2020 Women’s Health Tasmania spoke with Tasmanian women about their experiences of homelessness.

They wanted to talk to two different groups of women affected by homelessness who regularly contact local services.

The report – Talking to Women about Homelessness, Tasmania 2020 – interviews (a) women who were currently or had recently had direct experiences of homelessness and (b) talk to a new group emerging in the homeless population: older women, who, after a lifetime of housing security have unexpectedly experienced homelessness or are at risk of experiencing homelessness for the first time because of a change in their circumstances.

Who did they talk to?

They talked to 10 women in individual interviews. Five were women talking about their experiences of homelessness. Five were women who were over 55 who were homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Key Findings

The women all wanted the same things – a community which supported its people when they experienced hardship, in which people had access to homes, decent food, services and an adequate income. And they were willing to play their part to see this happen. One of the universal things we heard from them was that they wanted their story to make a difference to the experience of others who were experiencing homelessness.

Read the full report here.