MEDIA RELEASE: SHARP investment in Social Housing will create one thousand jobs

New modelling released today by National Shelter in partnership with the Community Housing Industry Association demonstrates how investment in a four-year social housing program will complement the McGowan housing investment package.

Economic Impacts of Social Housing Investment

The Social Housing Acceleration and Renovation Program (SHARP) aims to build 30,000 social housing units over a four-year period, plus accelerate the maintenance and renovation ofexisting social housing stock.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Association

NATSIHA will be open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations with housing as a principle mission and service.

Investment in social housing will create jobs and improve social outcomes

National housing and homelessness leaders have called for an immediate employment-boosting investment to expand Australia’s social housing by 30,000 homes as the country experiences a wave of job losses due to COVID-19.

Infrastructure Priority List 2020

A guide to the priority infrastructure investments they believe Australia needs to secure a sustainable and prosperous future.

Pre-Budget Submission

This year additional funding for the Northern Territory has been requested due to the extraordinary levels of homelessness experienced in the NT.

Infrastructure Australia Audit

The national and state peak housing and homelessness organisations have come together to make a joint submission in response to the latest Infrastructure Australia Audit.

Inclusionary Zoning

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