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Federal Homelessness Funding must not be reduced

Homelessness Australia in partnership with National Shelter and other peaks is undertaking advocacy at a national level for retention of this payment through the Don’t Close the Door/ERO cuts to homelessness services campaign.

Stop cuts to homelessness services

The Federal Government is due to cut $56.7 million per year from Australian specialist homelessness services. This will have a huge impact on the sector’s ability to provide vital support for Australian communities.

National Housing and Homelessness Agreement

The Community Affairs Legislation Committee estimate hearings heard from Senator the Hon Anne Ruston, Social Services Minister on homelessness and affordable housing.

National Shelter Budget Submissions

National Shelter has submitted their budget submission to the Federal Treasurer calling for investment in new social housing via SHARP, an Affordable Rental Incentive.

Contract funding eligible for State ERO payment

Shelter WA in partnership with, WACOSS, CEWA and a number of Peaks distributed a list of State Government contracts that pre-dated 1 July 2013.