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Pop up beds put to bed

If the trial is deemed a success, we encourage the City of Perth to continue to work with service providers, people with lived experience, and the state government to develop safe interim housing options that provide a pathway to permanent homes and service support.

Beddown – Not an appropriate response for people sleeping rough

This is not an appropriate response to provide temporary sleeping options for people who are sleeping rough.

Mayor’s pledge starts now

We are pleased that the strategy uses the levers available to government to create more diverse, climate appropriate housing choice within liveable, inclusive and connected communities.

Lord Mayoral Forum

Facilitated by journalist Tim Gossage, the Ending Homelessness Forum successfully kept the issue of homelessness, one of the city’s biggest issues firmly on the election agenda.

Lord Mayoral Forum

Shelter WA & the WA Alliance to End Homelessness will host a forum between the six candidates who hope to be the next City of Perth Mayor.