Supporting communities forum homelessness working group communiqué

On Wednesday, 1 June 2022, the Supporting Communities Forum received updates from its Working Groups on their work to progress the priorities of the Forum.

Homelessness Strategy Working Group

The Forum’s implementation of the Homelessness Strategy Working Group discussed its progress to deliver on this priority, including its adoption of an integrated approach to project and program management of the Homelessness Action Plan, and to the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the Homelessness Strategy.

A draft Logic Model developed by the Office of Homelessness makes explicit the relationships between Strategic Priority Outcomes, the Priority Actions supporting them, and the individual initiatives defined in the Homelessness Action Plan. This will help guide ongoing monitoring and implementation of the Action Plan. Members discussed the importance of high-quality and accessible data, the complexity of the governance landscape in the homelessness space, and future opportunities to connect together different homelessness working groups across government and the community services sector.

Further Information

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