Social Housing is the Missing Infrastructure

According to National Shelter – Investment in much needed public and community housing has been overlooked in Budget 20/21 – an area of infrastructure investment that would have led quickly to jobs for tradespeople and houses for the growing lists of people who need them.

Social Housing Missing

The government has brought forward tax cuts to low and middle-income workers and infrastructure spending to try to get the economy moving. While jobs and economic activity are welcomed, a vital infrastructure spend on social housing is missing.

National Shelter with CHIA and Homelessness Australia proposed an investment in social housing creating 60,000 jobs over four years building 30,000 properties and renovating 100,000 to decent standards.

Not Heeded Calls

National Shelter CEO Adrian Pisarski said “The government has not heeded calls from industry, community, unions and a choir of leading economists to build homes for people unable to access ownership or high market rents.”

“While not the end of the road for proposals to lift housing construction for those in need, it is a missed opportunity to begin rebuilding our massive undersupply of social housing at a time when more, not less, will be needed.”

Missing Elements

The budget did include welcome elements like:

  • An additional 10,000 places for first home-owner financing.
  • $1B of low-cost finance for affordable housing lifting NHFIC lending to $3b.
  • $150m in new Indigenous home ownership programs in regional Australia.
  • $9.4 billion in support through two Economic Support Payments of $750 to eligible social security, veterans, income support recipients and concession card holders.
  • 23,000 new in-home aged care packages.
  • “This budget has spent in unprecedented levels and provided tax relief to millions, it should have also included a major spend on social housing.” Mr. Pisarski concluded.

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