Social Housing Income Eligibility

Income eligibility limits will increase by $20 per week

The State Government has made the first increase to income eligibility limits for social housing since 2006.

The changes which began on Monday March 16, 2020 saw income eligibility limits increase by $20 per week for single income households and $40 per week for dual income households.

The amounts increase by 25 per cent for households with a person with disability and 40 per cent if the household is living in the North-West or designated remote areas.

The increase affects both public housing and community housing tenancies that mirror public housing income eligibility limits.

The new income eligibility limits will have no significant financial implications for the State Government, with all costs to be absorbed within current budgets. The Department of Communities will conduct a more substantial review of the income eligibility limits later this year.

Income Limits

To be eligible for public rental housing assistance the combined gross* weekly assessable income of the applicant, partner and co-applicant must be below the following limits. Other household members’ income is not assessed for eligibility purposes. Additional income will be considered when the Department of Communities assesses your rent.

  • For households with more than four people, add $115 for each additional person. For households with more than four people and at least one person with a disability add $145 for each additional person.
  • Do not include the district allowance in your household income (this allowance is to help people with the extra costs of living in remote areas and the North West). This will be included for rent assessment purposes once you are housed.

* Gross weekly assessable income is the income you earn, before tax is deducted, which the Housing Authority uses to assess your eligibility for housing assistance. For more information contact your local Department of Communities (Housing) office.