Sisters of St John of God HOME Funding

Shelter WA is delighted to introduce Elise Haddleton and Trish Owen, members of the new Hear of My Experience (HOME) project team.

Advocate and Educate

HOME is the outcome of significant work undertaken over many years by lived experience advocates to ensure people with lived experience of homelessness and housing insecurity have input into housing policy, programs and service design.

Best Outcome Practice

Government and services are increasingly understanding the importance of engaging in a systemic way with people with lived experience, to deliver a homelessness and housing service system that best meets the need of service users. Also this project aims to reduce community and media stigmatization of homelessness as a result of direct engagement with people with lived experience.

The project will be undertaken through several project streams.

This includes;

  • The development of a Peer Education Support Program
  • The development of a pool of presenters with lived experience of housing insecurity to rollout the Lived Experience Engagement and Co-Design Toolkit to housing and homelessness services
  • The establishment of a Lived Experience Speakers Bureau
  • The establishment of Lived Experience Immersive Tours
  • Seed support for Phase Two of the Street-to-Street Community Cultural Development Project
  • The Co-Design of a Lived Experience Advisory Council of People who have experienced homelessness

Quality Co-design

Elise Haddleton, Project Manager HOME, is looking forward to leading a project that is “invested in quality co-design, builds the capacity of people with lived experience from the outset, and is committed to long-term sustainable outcomes,” she said.

“It is so important to have safe spaces where people with lived experience of homelessness and housing insecurity are enfranchised, where their deep understandings of systems and processes are acknowledged, sanctioned, and supported. The HOME project is about developing an empathetic community that supports them and helps transform those systems and processes for the better.”

“Proper project planning sorted out for best success.”

Trish Owen, Project Officer HOME, explains how her work is running a marathon not a sprint. “You want to jump in and do it all, get it out there but to be funded for three years allows you to pause and get the proper project planning sorted out for best success,” she said.

“I am so excited to be in a position that is about hearing lived experience voices and amplifying them. Knowing you need to make a change is one thing, having the ability and the capacity to make the change is another thing. I feel like this program will implement changes for the wider cohort of people with lived experience.”

This three-year project will be overseen by a Lived Experience Advisory Group. An evaluation framework will be developed to measure the project’s outcomes and impact.

Shelter WA would like to acknowledge and the thank the Sisters of St John of God for their incredible support of this project, which will enable people who have experienced homelessness or housing insecurity to effectively and systemically engage with government, community services and the broader community.