Report on Government Services 2022

This Productivity Commission report contains detailed information on the performance of Australia’s social support services, including housing, homelessness, aged care, youth justice, child protection and more.


The report notes COVID-19 funding and policy initiatives have affected the use of specialist homelessness services and that caution should be used when comparing data across states and territories. Social distancing restrictions implemented during 2020 and 2021 are likely to have had an impact on the housing and homelessness services sector.

Unmet Requests

It shows unmet requests for homelessness accommodation services are increasing across Australia, from 30.2 per cent of people going unassisted nationally in 2016–2017, to 32.2 per cent in the last financial year.


Some of the findings include;

  • Victoria shows the biggest leap in investment in homelessness services, from $37.63 spent per person per support day five years ago, to $50.34 a person in the last financial year.
  • Minor improvements to unmet demand in the homelessness sector could be seen in WA, SA and ACT.
  • Tasmania has the most marked improvement, with the percentage of those missing out on homelessness accommodation dropping from 25.5 per cent in 2016-2017 to 18.4 per cent last year.
  • Even for those people receiving commonwealth rental assistance payments, 45.7 per cent still experienced rental stress.


View the report here.