PowerHousing Australia – Australian Affordable Housing Report

Affordable Housing Environmental Scan – 2019 Election Edition

The Australian Affordable Housing Report 2019 provides an up-to-date insight into the myriad factors relating to housing supply and demand, and considers the impact of these elements on housing affordability, particularly for low income earners. This report takes into consideration that low income earners include social housing tenants, renters, first home buyers, key workers and seniors.As an environmental scan, its focus is on housing activity and levers. It considers fiscal, monetary and market factors both domestically and internationally impacting housing availability, rental/mortgage rates, and Australian’s need for housing – affordable or otherwise – in the next two years.

Importantly, the report focuses on demand indicators and actual housing activity in an effort to consider housing affordability for average to low income Australians.The report also considers previous reporting on housing activity produced over the past 10 years by the authors and identifies where housing activity has evolved differently than was projected.

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