Older women’s perceptions of homelessness on health needs

This study explored the healthcare needs and barriers to health services in older homeless women in the Perth metropolitan area.

It highlighted how these women had complex and inter-related issues that affected their health. The nine major themes that emerged from the interview data consisted of: safe accommodation; financial insecurity; experience of trauma and abuse; stigma, embarrassment and fear of being judged; the health impact of not fulfilling their role as family nurturer; mental health; complex interaction of physical and mental health issues; healthcare costs; and the need for ongoing psychosocial and healthcare support once housed.

Secure Accommodation

Provision of safe and secure accommodation is pivotal to women’s health, as is the need for greater understanding of the impact of poverty, women’s traditional roles, social disconnection and domestic violence, and ongoing access to healthcare and support services.


Gloria Sutherland, Caroline Bulsara, Suzanne Robinson and Jim Codde. To read more about the PhD completed by Dr Gloria Sutherland click here.

View the report here.