Nowhere To Go

Stable housing is critical for women to build a safe life, as it promotes both safety and wellbeing, including for children.

This report commissioned by Everybody’s Home calls on the Federal Government to invest in building 16,800 new homes for women and children fleeing violence. The report calculates that if the Federal Government invested in creating new homes 7,690 women would not have to return to a violent partner because they have nowhere to go, and prevent 9,120 women becoming homeless.

Social Housing

The ‘Nowhere To Go’ Equity Economics report analysed the benefits of providing long-term social housing to victims of family violence, finding it is the leading reason women and children seek specialist homelessness services. Alarmingly, only 3.2 per cent are receiving the long-term housing solutions they need. Equity Economics estimates that the lack of long term social housing is leading to 7,690 women a year returning to violent partners and 9,120 women a year becoming homeless.


If the Commonwealth Government invested in 16,800 additional social housing units the $7.6 billion cost would be dwarfed by immediate economic benefits of $15.3 billion and the creation of 47,000 new jobs. The report makes a compelling economic and social case for an investment that would keep tens of thousands Australian women and children safe.


As a result of the report and in the lead up to the Women’s Economic Safety Summit and throughout Homelessness Week, Everybody’s Home is calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to invest urgently in social housing to provide a safety net for women fleeing domestic violence. You can sign the petition here.


Read the web report here.